Season of fortnite battle royale ending soon:What Next?

Fortnite is one of the most popular Battle Royale games developed by Epic Games. It was released in 2017 and amassed millions of players within a short period of time. Incidentally, the game was occasionally clashed with PUBG which is also a Battle royale game. However, Fortnite is free to download and play while PUBG is not. Moreover, Fortnite is a little cartoonish in nature and better appropriate for the younger generation. It contains special characters, unlikely guns and other features. Out of these, Fortnite became widely known due to its dancing emotes. While some are fictional, other dance moves were copy of real performers. The game has several seasons which span around 10 weeks per season. Fortnite’s latest season ended and the game is now literally gone. 

Officially, the game was supposed to end on 13th October 2019 but got delayed due to various reasons. Thereafter, the season ended along with the game in ‘The End’ event. 

Fortnite Season 10: The End Event 

During the event, the game was being played by millions of players at the time. The event was even live streamed by Epic games and several streamers. 

The countdown for the event started like any other season of fortnite ends. Once the countdown reached zero, the rocket on the island was launched. During this, there were several rifts and cracks appearing in the sky. 

After the rocket was launched, it disappeared in a rift as it took off. After that, multiple rifts appeared from which multiple rockets were fired. All these rockets were shot into different rifts across the map. Next, all the rockets hit one particular rift near the frozen meteor on the island. 

Both the rockets and the meteor disappeared and everyone thought that was it. Then, a background started playing in the background and a big rift opened up in the sky. From the rift, all the rockets along with the meteor started making its way to the Island.

The shield on the island tried to protect it but couldn’t handle the impact. As a result, a burst of energy was released and the players were sent flying in the air. Thereafter, the meteor finally crashed on the Loot Lake near Dusty Depot.

The impact exploded the Island for a while before it imploded. The singularity started sucking in the island and the players as well. After that, the screen went black into what appeared to be a blackhole. 

Aftermath of Fortnite Season 10 ‘The End’ Event 

After the end of fortnite, all the display pics of Fortnite’s official social media account changed into Blackhole. This included Epic’s official website, Instagram and Twitter account. Additionally, more than 12k tweets were also deleted from the official Twitter handle except for the livestream.

Millions of players took to social media platforms and started discussing amongst each other. Almost everyone thought that Fortnite Battle royale was ending and that it got deleted. Nobody was able to login to the game and it created a worldwide hysteria. This confused the players so greatly that the aftermath was covered by various websites and news agencies. 

Epic Games quickly doused the flame by saying that all the account’s data was safe and secure. After Fortnite ended, its live stream continued to run where players discussed the future of the game in live chat. Then, they started seeing random numbers on the live stream.

Several players tried to analyze and find out what the numbers meant. Some speculated that it was a location which turned out to be a Crab rave party in Google Streets. Soon enough, players discovered a special game that could be played in the blackhole by entering a code. Players had to shoot elements using a small rocket to make their own high score. 

Eventually, the Fortnite season ended and marked the end of ‘Chapter 1’. Thereafter, season 11 was released after nearly 40 hours of blackout. During the entire time, any post related to season 11 was taken down by Epic Games for ‘copyright’ reasons. However, they stopped flagging them down after they posted it on their own account.   

Fortnite Season 11 – What’s New 

Fortnite’s season 11 marked a new Chapter by introducing a new map and additions. It also introduced the new Fortnite Battle Pass. With this, players could complete certain missions and unlock rewards as they level up.

Accordingly, a new ‘Fishing’ mode was added where players could pass their time on the island. Swimming was also added as opposed to walking across the river. Boats were introduced as well and players could now shoot each other while boating. Also, new medals were introduced during normal combat. By collecting these, the players would be able to level up faster and increase their tiers.

Another impressive addition to the game was the ‘carrying’ your teammates on your back. Hence, it created an advantage for players who could carry their teammates away from the danger zone. Thus, they were able to revive knocked out teammates by carrying them away in a safe location. This way, both teammates could prevent themselves from being killed in the open.

Once the update was available, players simply had to launch the game to download it. After that, they were able to see all the new stuff. As promised, all the user’s data and items were safe in their Fortnite accounts.

Final Words 

To summarize, ‘The End’ event of Fortnite became instantaneously popular due to its creativity. Even the non-players of the game applauded the event. This was covered by various news channels as well. While players were fearing that Fortnite itself was ending, several others were supporting Epic Games for their effort. Grab the season before the word “Fortnite ending” becomes Fortnite ended. During the entirety of 40 hours, players were forced to stay off the game and carry on with their daily lives. That was of course, until the new season started. With the introduction of Season 11, players are now more eager and excited to see what’s gonna happen in the future.