Should You Buy a New PC or Upgrade the Hard Drive?

Upgrade the Hard Drive

Nowadays, the latest PCs come with hard drives that have at least 20 GB of space. You can store an ample amount of files, documents and other media files here. But, over time, you might require additional space in the device. 

In certain instances, consider installing a solid-state drive in the PC. It will improve the device performance and boost its speed efficiently. Moreover, if the computer is running slow, then opt for a hard drive upgrade. 

Most of the users tend to buy new PCs when the existing one degrades in its performance. But, that is what you should not do in the first place. Because it will take a considerable amount of money to buy a new PC. 

Instead, replace the hard drive, if it has somehow been damaged or corrupted. Moreover, everyone should consider installing a new hard disk every three-five years. It will help you to withstand the crucial data loss situation. So, contact an expert and check whether you need to replace the hard drive or not.

When will it be Ideal to Replace the Hard Drive Instead of Buying a New Device?

Well, if you have experienced hard drive failure instances, it’s high time to replace the HDD. Though, certain signs indicate the hard drive needs to be replaced. But, sometimes, it becomes cumbersome to identify the core problem. 

If the PC is generating excessive heat, then replace the HDD. Moreover, if you are getting frequent BSOD errors, it can be because of a crashed hard drive. Contact a laptop repair services Dubai expert and upgrade the hard disk. 

Are you getting a clicking or scratching sound when the PC is on? Don’t delay in hiring the professionals of Laptop Repair Dubai. Because this sound signifies that the magnetic platter of HDDs has been damaged. And, if you don’t replace it on time, it can damage the computer. Opt for installing a solid-state drive, it is less vulnerable to damage. 

Additionally, these hard drives contain more space and can store data safely. You can also increase the booting speed with SSDs. But, if the device still seems to be sluggish, then SSDs can’t fix the issue. In certain circumstances, you might need professional help to get rid of a slow computer. Book a laptop repair services Dubai expert for instant recovery.

What will be the Cost of the Hard Drive Replacement?

It takes only AED 399 to replace the hard drive from an authorised PC repair company. But, the price may vary depending on the type. Whereas, if you want to reinstall the HDDs, then it can be done within 146 AED approximately. But, for that, it is important to have adequate skill and experience in HDD replacement. 

And, if you don’t know how to replace a PC hard drive, hire an expert. A handful of PC repair companies offer affordable hard drive replacement services. Choose a leading service provider and upgrade the hard drive. 

Why Should Not You Change the Existing PC when it is Slow?

You should always try to fix the slow computer in the first place. Due to overloading the PC, with too many applications, there can be a decline in its speed. And, you can increase the device speed by removing unnecessary programs. 

Even third-party software can conflict with the computer. As a result, you will face issues performing important office work. So, identify the problematic virus-infected software and remove them from the PC.

When Replacing the PC Will be the Best Option? 

Most of the critical computer glitches can be resolved with professional assistance. However, if you are using the device for more than 4 years, consider replacing it. Because, due to ageing, most of the PC parts become damaged. As a result, you have to spend a lot of money on repair expenses. Thus, it will be a better choice to buy a new PC instead of upgrading its components. 

Moreover, if you want to repair the entire PC, it might take 6000 AED or more. But, if you want to buy a new one, you can get it at 1000 AED or even less. So, you can save at least 5000 AED by taking the right decision. 

Moreover, in the new computer, you can get a plethora of advantages, such as updated security features or advanced hard drives. But, in the old computer models, you can’t avail these benefits. So, switching to a better one will be a feasible solution. 

Do you use a PC that isn’t compatible with the latest operating system? Then, you should replace the existing computer with a new one. And, for instance, if you own a Windows 8 PC, you can’t upgrade it to Windows 11. So, in certain cases, professionals recommend changing the old computer. 

Signs that Indicate the PC Needs Immediate Replacement

Sometimes, updating the hard drives or RAM won’t be helpful. You can still come across hefty technical mishaps while using the computer. It can be a booting or random screen issue. Moreover, you might get into trouble performing multiple tasks simultaneously on the device. A PC can last up to five-eight years if it is maintained properly. But, without that, you won’t be able to extend the longevity of the device. 

Furthermore, over time, dust can accumulate in the computer. And, for which, the PC units like cooling fans or hard drives might stop working. Though you can repair or replace these computer parts with an expert’s help. But, if the device’s screen or CPU units are continuously turning faulty, then you have to buy a new device. So, what are you waiting for? Go to an authorised computer shop and choose the best one. 

Hard Drive Replacement vs Buying a New Buying PC: Which Will be a Better Option? 

Replacing a hard drive takes less money than buying a new PC. By adding more space to the device, you can extend its longevity. An average lifespan of a Windows or Mac computer is 4-5 years. But, if you update the hard drive, then it can increase its life expectancy to 6 years. 

However, it is important to consider the PC’s age and condition before making the final decision. Get a high-quality hard drive and remove the hassle of getting a new computer within a year or two.