The World of NASCAR iRacing

If you have any interest in NASCAR or know anything about it, you may have noticed that it has become very popular in the gaming world as well. Since 2004, NASCAR’s iRacing, an online motorsports simulation platform, was created and has grown in epic proportions over the years of its existence. Many NASCAR fans have been driven to it as it adds to the experience of watching when you can experience driving the same race track from the convenience of your own home.

Now, fans of all sorts from across the world can get together virtually and compete against each other on their favorite tracks. The world of NASCAR iRacing has grown immensely and has sincerely helped keep NASCAR relevant through COVID-19 and grown its fan participation. So whether you prefer gaming over watching or you like to test out the track before the Ruoff Mortgage 500 race on Sunday, NASCAR iRacing might be right up your alley.

What is iRacing?

NASCAR iRacing might be called a video game by many, but it is anything but a video game. It is the most realistic simulator out there in the racing world by far which is what has drawn its popularity over its lifespan. It uses real world mechanics and feel to steer the car and the experience immerses you in the feel of being in the cockpit of an actual NASCAR race car. 

IRacing can be as casual or serious as you want it to be. You can race against friends and other racers from around the world in single events put on by individual racers. Or if you get really into it and become a serious iRacer, there are hundreds and hundreds or leagues that compete around the calendar. There are also high level professional races that race in huge, televised series for large purses of hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

And the nice thing about NASCAR iRacing, is that it does not need a ton of high tech equipment like one might think. All you need is a quality computer equipped with one or more USB ports and a digital steering wheel and foot pedal system that will help you control the game during racing. Everything else is organized and set up by the iRacing system. 

Getting Started

NASCAR iRacing is an internet based game that will require a strong internet connection at all times. But this is not a buy it off the shelf or download it to a gaming console type of game. This all internet based game requires you to get a membership and everything works online. They have different price points based on how serious you are about the simulator and what type of racing you plan on doing with it. 

When signing up, make sure you check out their System Requirements page to ensure that you have exactly what you need. If your computer is suitable, next would be to get a steering wheel and foot pedal apparatus to use during the game. You can get away with using a controller, but it is highly advisable to get a steering wheel and pedals to better equip you to drive these highly technical cars with the correct input. 

Once you are ready to go though, you won’t be able to just jump in a Cup car and think you can box with the big dogs. The game works through a licensing system which forces you to work your way through licensing levels just like the real NASCAR world does. This helps keep the game fun, exciting, and mostly keeps the instigators and trouble makers out of the system. Work your way up the ranks and race with some of the best across the globe.

Not For Everyone

This is definitely not a simulator for everyone. Many casual video gamers and NASCAR fans will probably steer clear of this game due to the prices, equipment, and the large amount of time that you will quickly get addicted to spending with this simulator. But if you are a diehard NASCAR fan and think you can handle a race car pretty well, NASCAR iRacing is definitely for you and you should check it out now!

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