Top 5 Game Hacking Apps | Your Ultimate Game Hack Cheat Sheet

Ardent game lovers know the patience it requires to reach the ultimate invincible level of a game. Whereas, Game Hacking Apps helps you become an Invincible Warrior in your game. Moreover, you don’t have to deal with ads, in-app purchases, license verifications and others.

Instead of hovering over the endless lists, why not see the marvels of technology merged with the passion of gaming?

5 Game Hacking Apps to Make You Invincible

Dedicated gamers have developed top-notch applications to get rid of any interruptions in your game. Apart from a thrilling experience, you can expect a feeling of triumph and victory.

How do these work? Well, you can tweak the game script with these tools.

Game Killer

Common sense is a hacking app will let you modify or hack any available game on Android. But, where’s the catch? The catch is when the same app lets you edit HEX functionality and choose your load memory location too.

game hacking apps

Speaking of compatibility you can access it on any Android device. But it needs a root access as it has to access other applications to perform its work.

Now, here is how you can do the trick.

Once you install the Game Killer Application, open the game you want to hack or edit, note down the current points. Then put the value on the application and go to the Options menu. Finally, modify the value and hit OK. You are all set. Enjoy!

Most importantly, it’s easy to use and understand. Even if you’re a beginner, Game Killer will not be a problem to deal with.

Lucky Patcher

Feature Advertisements are annoying at times. Aren’t they?  Lucky Patcher is ‘The Man’ here. It allows you to remove distracting and irrelevant advertisements from the game. You can also remove the license verification request with the help of this software.

lucky patcher download

How to get there?

Install Lucky Patcher Game Hacking App and allow root access. This app is also useful if you want to ignore in-app purchase. You need to set Switches to Default and open the game or app you want to hack or buy. Press Ok when you are done.

Leo PlayCard

In my next pick, I will consider Leo PlayCard for its unique Payment Bypass feature. You can use the premium version of any game or application without using your credit card details.

Moreover, there’s no root access required for this app. Sounds interesting, right?

leo play card

A simple way to apply the hack

Install the app on your device and go to the play option. It will direct you to the Google Play Payment Window. Choose ‘Make Payment’ and wait for the app to download. If it doesn’t work it means Leo PlayCard is not compatible with this application.


Xmod games is an amazing out-of-the-box software, I believe every gamer must try at least once. As soon as you install this game hacking app on your phone, it scans for pre-installed games and applications.

Xmod games

Let the scanning complete and you’ll see a boatload of tricks you can do for those applications. Pick the trick best suited for your game and modify your game’s strategy as per your convenience.

Want to apply the trick? There you go…

Enable root access to your device.Then it will search the Internet for useful tricks and will show them on the interface. Now you know what you need to do.

SB Game Hacker

Apart from removing unwanted ads and license verification pop-ups, it allows modification of credits and gaming point. Speaking of popular Game Hacking Apps, SB Game Hacker is the one.

sb game hacker

First, grant the root access and open the game you want to hack. There you will find an option to modify the game currency. Fill the amount and choose ‘Modify’. That’s all you need to do and get an unlimited game credit.

It’s Simply a Start…

Though most of it requires a root access, they’re still worth giving a test drive. All these 5 Game Hacking Apps are easily available on the internet. As a matter of fact, you can use these on any Android Devices. So, no more frustrating ads or annoying verification thing will be there to interrupt you.

You can also share any Game Hacking Trick if you have. Thank you, for reading this article and leave us a feedback in the comment section below if you find these helpful. Also, let me know if there’s any other Game Hacking App in your mind.

Until next time happy gaming.