Best New Android Games To Download

As we are progressing significantly in the mobile gaming world, you might wonder which is the best Android game that you should play. We always search for the best free Android games to satisfy our gaming passion. If you are wondering what are the best free games for Android, then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss the most promising games of the year 2018 which come without any in-app purchases. You don’t have to engage yourself in purchasing them from anywhere. You only have to download and install them on your Android phone. Therefore, please have a look at the list of the Best Android Games to download in the year 2018.

Best Android Games

The Top 5 Android Games For The Year 2018

There are several games for your Android device that you can play in the year 2018. We have made this list of the top 5 Android games. You can have a look at them here:

PUBG Or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile- The Most Played Game

As one of the largest gaming company, Tencent has launched the PUBG Mobile version after launching the PC version of it. As we all know that it is one of the Best Free Mobile Games. it is the Usually, the game is based on the port of different players from unknown backgrounds. In the game, a hundred players go on an island by using their parachutes. After you reach the island, you need to kill the other players with the help of different weapons and equipment. Throughout the game, you only have to save yourself from others. There are various safe areas which would help you to survive. However, as time goes by, the size of the safe area decreases. As the size of the safe area reduces, it would force you to encounter the other players. In the end, the last surviving player who has killed all the other players or most of the players would win the game. You can directly download the game from the Play store.

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Asphalt 9: Legends- The Speed Lovers’ Paradise

The new Gameloft Asphalt 9: Legends would make you wowed. As it comes with the latest edition of the racing series that focuses on the most premium cars of the universe. The game allows you to own the cars and make some customization with them. As you compare the Asphalt 9: Legends with its predecessors, you would find a lot of new and improved features. If you have played the Asphalt 8: Airborne, then it would be easier for you to play. If you didn’t, do not worry. You will easily get along with it.

Gameloft introduced some changes in the graphics and design. You would find 48 cars in the game, and each of them comes from prestigious manufacturers. In the game, you can have the feature Nitro Shockwave same as its predecessor. There are three gaming modes in Asphalt 9: Legends which are the Career mode, Multiplayer mode, and the Events mode. These are the chapters where you have to play several series. You would find the Asphalt 9: Legends a very attractive and addictive game. Thus, have fun playing it on your Android phone.

Alto’s Odyssey- The Endless Action Boarding Game

Alto released the sequel of its Alto’s Adventure and named it as Alto’s Odyssey. You can play the entire game by using only one hand. It is considered the best game apps for android.

In the game, you have to keep the character moving and collect the items from the air. There are a lot of obstacles on the mountain which you have to skip. To do so, you only have to tap on the screen to make the jump. If you hold your finger on the screen, then you would be able to flip the character. If there is enough space, then you can complete a back-flip. In case there is not sufficient space, and you attempted a flip or back-flip, you might land on your face. Then, the game will end. You can even unlock new characters in the game. This has a really addicting scenario. Therefore, have fun in exploring the endless journey of Alto’s Odyssey. You can easily download it from the Play store.

Best Android Games

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery- Revel In The Mystery Of Hogwarts!

The game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery came in the market at the end of April 2018. The creators of the game have focused on the wizarding world of Harry Potter. You would find the game highly attractive because it contains customizable wizards. All the events of the game have been designed in Hogwarts before any novel of Harry Potter was published.

In the game, you can learn magical spells and embark on different quests. Throughout the game, you can interact with different characters from Hogwarts. You can even make friends in the game with the non-player characters. Thus, have fun playing it. You can download the game and install it from Playstore as it is available there for free.

Shadowgun Legends- The Mobile Shooter Franchise Is Back!

Madfinger Games have launched the Shadowgun Legends at the end of March 2018. The game comes with both the single-player and multi-player modes.

As the game starts, you would find yourself in the central hub. You have to create a Shadowgun or a male/female soldier from the eponymous group. Now, you can access different missions that would be given by NPC. You only need to complete the given tasks in each mission. With all the missions you have completed, you would get experience points and then the further process. There are side quests also in which you can easily participate. There are different dungeons, arenas, story mission, etc. in the Shadowgun universe where you have to complete all the tasks.

These are the top 5 Free Games Apps for Android that you can download in the year 2018. In case you are tired of asking yourself ‘what is the most played game in the world,’ please have a look at the list mentioned in the above section. You can pick the one that best suits your personality and enjoy flawless gaming sessions.

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