Apple Restricts Game Engines: The Developers are at Serious Risk

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Epic Games Store

Recently, Apple has decided that it will eliminate Epic’s game developing segment. Epic is the developer and the publisher of various mobile games. Their games are also in the AppStore. Microsoft is with Apple regarding this matter about the suspension of some important aspects regarding certain games. The engines are basically the platforms or the framework where the developers develop the games. 

In some of the aspects, when Microsoft backs Epic, it usually gives the platform an upper hand of being involved in the legal dispute of Apple. The terms and conditions of the software giant is not good at all for Epic and thus a bitter misplacement took place regarding the launch of games in AppStore. 

What did Epic do?

After Apple took the drastic step, Epic sued Apple for removing the game called Fortnight from the AppStore. In addition to that, the publisher also cut 30% of the Apple payment due to this reason related to transactions. 

Apple Strikes Back

Obviously, retaliation always comes to mind when this type of incident occurs. That is why the software giant has come up with a solution. Apple eliminated the support for the unreal engines. These engines help the games to run smoothly on people’s mobile devices. Epic also gains royalties from those games when any third-party software uses certain tools to run the game. Apple has stopped that as well. 

How Epic Handles it?

As per the retaliation, Epic is in search of the restraining order. Their determination is that the unreal engines need to be in the working order in the AppStore. But in return, Apple said that this working of the unreal engines is posing a threat to the entire AppStore environment. 

The Role of Microsoft

Regarding the matter raised by Epic, the executive of Microsoft, who manages all the details of third-party activities spoke up. He said that they are going to give full support in terms of the restraining order. He stated that the decision made by Apple will affect the profit and the cost for Apple as well as Microsoft. 

In addition to that, he also added that both the software giants will run in a material disadvantage in terms of gaming purposes. In the future, no other gaming companies or the creators will agree to work with them. So, this is not how a business works. 

If the game is unable to develop or has updates, bug fixes, security patches, and others, then it will be fine to revoke such matters. Apple can take any decision if the games don’t run smoothly in the new version of the iOS and Macintosh Operating System.