PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 Update – Complete Notes

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is the most popular Battle Royale game that revolutionized the gaming industry. Since its release, it has easily urged millions of players to start gaming. There are other Battle Royale games that were released after PUBG. However, it still holds the title for the best game. Consequently, they released the mobile version of the game in March 2018. The game was named PUBG Mobile and was made to closely resemble the PC version. The game gets constantly updated to match its PC version in terms of features and gameplay. The latest PUBG Mobile update version is 0.16.0. 

What’s new in PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 Update?

The latest PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 update is one of the biggest updates for the game. It has brought in some amazing in-game additions and features. Also, this update has fixed some common bugs and glitches as well. The detailed descriptions have been discussed below. 

Game Additions 

To celebrate Winter, PUBG Mobile update has introduced a special snow map in Erangel. Here, players can ski down snowy mountains and even take cable cars to reach the top. Along with this, players can shoot while skiing as well.

PUBG mobile update also introduced a new MP5k gun which uses 9 mm ammo. It is a good addition to the game with nice handling. Along with this, they have introduced a new character named Sara. For this, you can collect vouchers to unlock the character. As of date, the voucher event has expired. However, you can still buy the character for 525 UC.

Other additions include new guns and vehicle skins, and two new Achievements. They also introduced backpack ornaments that can be attached to your backpacks. 

New Game Modes 

Additionally, they introduced three new Game modes to PUBG Mobile. These have been explained below.

1. RageGear TDM:

This mode resembles the famous movie franchise of ‘Death Race’. Here, you have to drive an armored car along with your teammates. Different cars are equipped with different weapons.

The match takes place in an open arena on Miramar. Each game consists of 12 players divided into two teams. Again, the team is divided into two sub-teams. One is randomly assigned as the Driver while the other becomes the Shooter.

There are three cars to choose from. Buggy is equipped with two rockets, Dacia is equipped with machine guns and UAZ is equipped with shotguns. Each car differs in terms of handling and power. 

The shooter has three choices of guns as well. These include the Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, and Machine Gun. 

Therefore, one team has three cars on either side. The motive of the game is to get the most number of kills. 

2. RageGear PickUp:

Similar to RageGear TDM, you have to collect Points by crashing into the ‘P’ Crates. However, the ultimate goal is to survive with the highest points. You can kill enemies to make them lose their points. After 15 points, a timer will start for 30 seconds. The team who can survive in these 30 seconds with 15 points, wins. 

3. Payload x War:

This is a variation of the War mode but with the weapons of Payload mode. Therefore, you will spawn with a grenade launcher. The Air Drops will provide better protection and a Rocket Launcher. Similar to War mode, you have to kill the most number of players to win. 

Game Modifications

Apart from new additions, PUBG Mobile update has modified certain elements. Now, you have an option to switch from TPP to FPP and vice versa. This feature is only available in TPP game modes. You can also enable or disable this feature from Settings.

Moreover, they have provided different Control Layouts for TPP, FPP and Deathmatch modes. Hence, you can individually configure them to your liking. In addition, they have provided the option to enable or disable the sliding feature in TDM matches. Now, you can also play RageGear games in Custom Rooms. 

Game Improvements 

In addition, PUBG Mobile has made some major game improvements. Now, you can heal while moving which was not possible before. However, the moving speed gets drastically reduced. You can also apply bandages continuously until your health is restored.

Team Kill was a huge issue where random teammates would kill you for your weapons. Therefore, you can now prevent these by reporting the person there and then. Once reported, the offender will not be able to take your loot. Also, he will not be able to move or do anything.

Other improvements include graphics buffering for both low-end and high-end smartphones. As a result, the game will run smoother. To prevent hackers and cheaters, they have disallowed low-tier players from spectating high-tier players. The BRDM vehicle has also received a major upgrade in performance and mobility. 

How to Update Pubg Mobile?

PUBG Mobile Update 0.16.0 was released on 11th December. Thus, you can easily update your PUBG Mobile from the official Play Store. The size of the update is around 1 GB. Therefore, make sure that you are using Wi-Fi to download and install the update.

Once updated, you will receive the following rewards for updating the game –

  • 50 Silver Fragments 
  • 2888 Battle Points (BP) 
  • A Winter Dress for 3 days 

Also, you can get additional rewards if you download maps and other resources. These include smoke trails and a special crate. 

Mini Update in-game 

Along with the major update, PUBG Mobile rolled out a small update in-game. These will be automatically downloaded when you launch the game next time. In this update, some minor bugs were fixed. Some of these include vehicle spawn issues and dismantling issues. 

Final Words

To conclude, PUBG Mobile gets better with each update. They are slowly listening to player complaints and complying with them. However, it still faces certain bugs that are yet to be addressed. Also, hackers and cheaters are a common occurrence in the game. While PUBG Mobile is taking strict actions, it is yet to be completely resolved. Currently, Season 10 of PUBG Mobile will end on 3rd January 2020. After that, it will be renewed with Season 11 and new updates. As of now, it hasn’t been disclosed what is yet to come.