PUBG Update 5.3 – New Additions and Game Improvements

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the most popular battle royale games available for PC, Consoles and Smartphones. It is free to download and play on smartphones while you have to buy it for other platforms. Also, it is fondly called PUBG which is pronounced as PUB-Gee. Compared to its smartphone version, PUBG is updated on a periodical basis for PC. The latest PUBG Update 5.3 was released on 18th December 2019. This also makes it the last update for the year 2019. 

PUBG Update 5.3 – What’s New 

With the latest update, PUBG has improved and fixed some major bugs which were reported by millions of players. Here, we have provided all the detailed descriptions regarding the recent update.

Gameplay Improvements 

PUBG Update for PC has brought in the latest feature called ‘Bloody realistic’. With this, new blood effects have been introduced for all color settings. Now, every headshot that you take will splurt out a visible amount of blood to indicate that your target was hit. Moreover, they have also added blood splatter effect. Thus, blood will be visibly splattered across the floor and walls depending on the angle you shoot the enemies. Apart from this, players will enjoy a more precise representation of blood splatter based on where the enemies are shot. 

The player’s weapon HUD has also been improved and simplified. Thus, players will now be able to see which action is being currently performed. Earlier, players had complained that spike traps were almost rare. Therefore, PUBG has addressed the problem and now it will spawn more frequently as promised. 

You can also adjust the movement speed of your camera and manage bullet tracer settings while in game. Aquarails and boats in Sanhok will now have a fixed spawn location to make it easier for the players. 

General Improvements  

Another new feature introduced in PUBG Update for PC is Cloud Saving. With the help of this feature, players can now save their modified settings. Therefore, it will be linked to their PUBG account. As a result, players do not have to worry about modifying the settings on new PCs. You can easily find this setting at the bottom right on the Settings window. 

Also, you can now choose your favourite weapon to be displayed on top of the player’s list. The lobby music has been changed in accordance with the Winter Season. Some gun skins have been added as well. The odds in crates have also increased for the players. 

BUG Fixes 

Along with game improvements, certain bugs have been fixed as well. Now, the BRDM will sustain less damage than it previously used to. Some minor bugs like vehicles being stuck in trees and players thrown off in the air at certain places has been fixed. Character rendering and glitches in the lobby have been fixed as well. Apart from these, other bugs and glitches reported by players have been resolved. 

How to get the Latest PUBG Update in PC?

PUBG for PC and Console get automatically updated. Hence, there is no manual way to update your game. In case you haven’t received the updates, simply restart the game. You can also restart your computer as well. You also need to have a working internet connection to download the latest updates. 

Also, you can perform a clean reinstallation if your game is not being updated. For this, you need to first completely uninstall the game from your PC. Thereafter, download the game again from the store that you have bought it from. Make sure that you have the product key if you bought it from a local store. 

How to Update PUBG Mobile? 

PUBG Mobile can be easily updated from the App store. It is important to note that updates roll out from region to region. Therefore, you may get the updates late as opposed to other players based on your location. Also, the Global version and Chinese version of PUBG mobile have different updates. Hence, their releases are different as well. 

Hence, follow the instructions below to update PUBG Mobile on your smartphone. 

  1. Unlock your smartphone and head over to the App Store. From the top left side, go to ‘My Apps and Games’. 
  2. Here, you will see the option to update your existing apps installed in your phone. Scroll down until you find PUBG Mobile in the list. 
  3. Subsequently, tap the Update option to start the process. Make sure that you are connected to a Wi-Fi network as their files are usually large. 

If there are any problems with the game after the update, you can simply clear the game cache. This will help to perform a soft reboot and hopefully fix the game. Alternatively, you can uninstall and reinstall the game again. 

When is the Next PUBG Update?

As of late, PUBG update 5.3 is supposed to be the last major update for 2019. However, another minor update has been announced to be released at the end of December. This update is supposed to fix and resolve some minor bugs apart from other game improvements. 

The update will be automatically installed whenever you re-launch the game. You can expect the next major update in the first few months of the next year. The new Season : Badlands is also scheduled to start in January 2020. 

Final Words 

In conclusion, the recent PUBG Update 5.3 promises to provide a better gameplay experience and with less bugs. The future of PUBG for PC also looks promising as they are constantly adding and improving the game. You can easily download the PUBG Mobile Emulator if you don’t want to buy PUBG for PC or Console. Additionally, you can download and play PUBG Lite for PC if you’re deciding whether to buy it or not.