Best PS2 Emulator for Android 2020

Video games have become a huge part of our childhood since the day it was invented. Arcade games occupied the majority of our time when we were children. Naturally, the games started becoming more advanced and shifted to more powerful platforms. As a result, the current gaming industry is wholly dominated by consoles, PCs and smartphones. However, there are times where we do miss the simpler and older games. Thus, emulators came into being. Out of these, the PS2 emulator for Android platforms is the latest addition.  

What is an Emulator?

Emulators help to run a different platform on your existing device. It is mostly used in Windows OS to run and test software. Recently, emulators were introduced for Android platforms. However, they were based on old consoles to run the classic arcade games. Naturally, this became a huge success in the gaming community. 

What is the PS2 Emulator for Android?

The PS2 emulator for android is the latest emulator for PlayStation 2 series. Therefore, you can play PS2 games on your Android phone with the help of this emulator. Currently, there are no official emulators for PS2 but that does not stop individual developers from trying. Hence, there have been various versions of the emulator released for the Android platform. 

Top PS2 Emulator for Android 

Here, we have provided some of the top emulators for PS2 on android. These have been listed according to their performance and efficiency. Hence, go through the section given below.  

DamonPS2 Pro 

Till date, the DamonPS2 Emulator is the closest working emulator for Android. It has both a free version and a paid version. The latter is named DamonPS2 Pro which can be bought with a one-time payment.

Compared to others on the list, this emulator has the best performance. Running it on a high-end smartphone will force it to perform more effectively. However, it still cannot handle high-end games and suffers from various glitches. Also, not all PS2 games can be emulated.

The free version is fully riddled with ads and you cannot save your game’s progress. You can also face poor graphics while playing on the free version. Alternatively, the Pro version is far better but suffers some problems as well. Both of these can easily be downloaded from the Google Play Store. 


FPse is another great emulator available on the Google Play Store. Although it doesn’t fully emulate PS2 games, it is a worthy contender. For the most part, it is primarily designed to run PS1 and PSX games. Therefore, you can enjoy some of your favorite games like Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy and Tekken.

This emulator will help you to enjoy your childhood games with almost no lags. Also, it is one of the official emulators. Therefore, all the games will run smoothly with no problems. Currently, both free and paid versions of the app are available on the market. 


In addition to the above, there are some developers who chose to create emulators independently. Hence, some of these emulators weren’t available on the Google Play Store. Play! is one such example.

Firstly, Play! is entirely free and running games on it is very easy. Moreover, the emulator is available for PC platforms as well. However, high-end games cannot be loaded successfully. Sometimes, your games may experience the occasional lags and have distorted sound quality. Although, the controls are user-friendly and easy to configure. As of today, the emulator is still in development. 

PPSS2 Golden 

PPSS2 Golden is a supposedly PS2 emulator that was developed by Jean Phillip Desjardins. The emulator itself is very easy to install and can run without the need of a BIOS. Moreover, low-end smartphones can install this as well.

Users can directly load the games on SD cards and it can run various game extensions. Some of them include ISO, 7z, RAR and even ZIP. However, the emulator hasn’t been updated and faces a lot of technical difficulties. Hence, you may not be able to play PS2 games without encountering bugs and glitches.    


The PTWOE emulator for android started out as an open-source project. Therefore, it invited other developers from around the world to build it. This was also one of the first trials in creating a PS2 emulator for Android.

However, it didn’t achieve its goals and faces various issues. The controls are easy to configure and games are quick to load. But running the games can utilize a lot of resources for your smartphone. 

Golden PS2 

Golden PS2 was another trial project undertaken by Fas Emulators. They put their emphasis on efficiency and made it the fastest emulator. However, it couldn’t handle the PS2 games and suffered greatly. Additionally, it encountered other errors and glitches that made it an unenjoyable experience. Similar to some of the above choices, it is not available on the Google Play Store.

Note – Always be alert while downloading emulators from third party websites. Most of them could contain adware and malware which may infect your phone. Also, keep an eye out for App permissions that Emulators require. Anything other than Files and Storage is a huge red flag. Therefore, you should refrain from installing such Emulators on your device. 

Other Emulators for Android 

As stated earlier, there is no official PS2 emulator for Android platforms. It has not been made sure whether it is possible or not. Till then, there is a range of other emulators that can download and enjoy right now. Some of the best emulators available on the Google Play Store have been listed below.

  • MyBoy! – This is a GameBoy Advance emulator that can run all GBA games with ease. There are almost no problems and you can enjoy your games without any issues. 
  • SuperGNES Lite – This emulator runs all the SNES games which are popular for Super Mario and the Zelda series. 
  • PPSSPP – Other than PS1 and PSX games, this emulator can run PlayStation Portable games. Hence, it provides a rich gaming experience for modern 3D games of PlayStation. 

Final Note 

To summarize, PS2 Emulator for Android is still under development and it cannot be said when it will be available. Currently, only DamonPS2 Pro has proved to be a good emulator on the whole list. However, working emulators for PS2 are available for Windows and Mac platforms. Hence, you can download those for free if you wish to enjoy PS2 games. Alternatively, you can try out other emulators for android to play your favorite games.