Watch Dogs Legion: Everything We Know So Far

Watch Dogs is one of the most popular game series developed by Ubisoft. It is a well-known series after Ubisoft’s Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed series. As of now, Watch Dogs Legion or Watch Dogs 3 is yet to be released. It is the third installment in the Watch Dogs series and is an open-world action-adventure role-playing game. 

Watch Dogs LΞGION: All You Need to Know 

Gameplay and Game Environment 

Watch Dogs 3 takes place in the future setting of London as its main city. There is absolute chaos in the streets and the people are trying to claim their city and freedom back. A central authority has taken seize of the United Kingdom with the help of ctOS.

The ctOS or Central Operating System is the main hacking software that continued from the first Watch Dogs. With this, all the user’s data is accessible along with any system that is connected to it. Therefore, you can hack the citizen’s bank accounts, traffic lights and other technical aspects of the city. It is a very powerful software that has fallen into the wrong hands.

To combat it, a group of hackers have come together to form the DedSec society. Originally, it was created during Watch Dogs 2. Hence, Watch Dogs 3 continues the storyline where these hackers have to form and lead the resistance towards their victory.

Hence, you have to empower people to fight back by using the city’s technology against it. As it is set in the future, the game has futuristic cars, drones, and killer robots. All these can be hacked but only after acquiring the skills to do so.

The graphics of the game are absolutely stunning and are filled with interactive elements throughout. Gameplay is very smooth and feels realistic. 

Watch Dogs Legion Characters 

Watch Dogs Legion has become a special game with no main protagonist. Instead, you can play as any character you want in the game. Yes, that’s right. You can choose to play as any character of your choosing. However, you have to first recruit them into the DedSec society. To do this, you need to help the people that you meet on the street. Also, not everyone will be a part of your resistance.

Another interesting thing is that each and every character in the game has their own back story. You will get to know them once they agree to be a part of your resistance. In addition, these backstories also help the character to have their own special abilities.

The characters can either excel in hand-to-hand combat, hacking or breaking into institutions. Completing certain missions will help to level up your character and upgrade their abilities. Although you can play as anyone, there is a certain catch.

These characters can be permanently lost if they die during a mission. Therefore, you have to be very careful in how you play out the missions. If you choose to play stealthily, then the character can be arrested if caught. In such cases, you can easily break out that particular character by controlling another.

Alternatively, your character can get badly injured or even killed if you play lethally. Therefore, your character will receive bullets if you choose to fire yourself. If your character dies, you have to immediately switch to another character.

Also, the character’s upgrades and skills will be lost as well. Hence, you have to recruit another character with similar abilities and start over. As a result, this implementation has proved Watch Dogs Legion to be played very tactically.

Other Features of Watch Dogs 3 

As of now, Watch Dogs Legion is to be launched in three editions. The first one is the basic one while the other two are the Gold and Ultimate edition. These editions differ in some perks and special additions. Other than that, the gameplay and plot are similar. However, they do differ in price.

Regarding future tech, you can find some interesting gadgets to hack into. There are killer drones, spider bots, and a special Augmented Reality Cloak. Moreover, they have provided an almost exact replica of London. Therefore, you can visit and explore famous places during free roam.

Apart from this, you can play the game online with your friends. The game allows a max of 4 players at a time while playing Multiplayer. Additionally, you can roam around in vehicles, travel on foot, parkour or fast travel with the help of Underground Stations.

Ubisoft has also introduced a special Season Pass in the game. With this, you can complete certain missions to earn rewards and upgrades. These can help to grow the skills of your characters. 

Watch Dogs Legion Release Date 

According to the latest news, Watch Dogs LΞGION is set to be launched in March 2020. The game will be available for Playstation, Xbox Consoles, and Windows platforms. You can buy the game from Steam, Ubisoft Store, local game store or through other online stores.

The normal, Gold and Ultimate editions will be made available at different prices. Currently, you can save some amount of money if you choose to pre-buy the game. Buying the game earlier will grant you early access and other special benefits. You will also get access to a special season pass through which you can earn rewards. These will help you to upgrade your character faster than others. 

Final Words 

In summary, Watch Dogs Legion or Watch Dogs 3 is one of the anticipated games of 2020. The graphics are realistic and beautiful in many ways. Moreover, open-world helps you to explore London in an exciting gaming experience. There are various famous landmarks where you can travel in-game. Also, the diverse characters help the game to become more immersive. In case you want to save some amount of money, you can pre-buy the game from Ubisoft’s official website. This will help you to get special perks and rewards as well. You will also be able to enjoy the game several days before the launch date.