How To Choose Criminal Lawyers in Dubai for 2021

criminal lawyer in dubai

If you are arrested with a criminal offense such as murder, rape, theft, or drug charges then you will certainly require the services of a proficient UAE criminal lawyer to help you fight your case. There are many criminal cases that can be easily handled by experienced criminal lawyers in Dubai. There are many reasons that you might need the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. These may include being investigated for a crime you did not commit, the arrest of your relative or spouse, or simply out of concern for your future. Regardless of the reason for needing the services of a UAE criminal lawyer, there are certain steps that you should follow to ensure that you get the best legal services.

First you must ensure that the law firm is reputable. This can be determined by how long the law firm has been in operation. It should also be ensured that the criminal lawyer in question has sufficient experience with cases similar to yours. Also ascertain that the law firm is registered with the Dubai Bar Association. As in any other part of the world, there are several law firms that are fraudulent and you should avoid registering yourself with them.

Once you have selected a law firm, you will then need to ensure that the criminal lawyer in question is available for your consultation. The best method of finding out whether the criminal lawyer in question is available for your consultation is to obtain the contact information for the firm. Usually, criminal lawyers in Dubai list their telephone numbers and e-mail addresses on their websites. You should therefore make a note of at least one telephone number and e-mail address that you come across. When you have received a few different phone calls or e-mails from the criminal lawyers in Dubai then you can further evaluate the firm.

Secondly, you need to evaluate the case itself. Many things can affect a criminal lawyer’s ability to effectively represent you in court. These include the nature of the crime that you have been charged with, the role you have played in it, and the amount of money that was involved. In some cases, the charges against you may be relatively minor. On the other hand, in other instances, the charges might be serious and you might find yourself facing more serious charges such as obstruction of justice, fraud, drug trafficking, and even murder. It is therefore important that you discuss your case with the criminal lawyer in charge and listen to his arguments before making a decision.

Thirdly, when dealing with a criminal lawyer in Dubai you need to ensure that you understand the contract that has been signed between you and the criminal lawyer. This contract normally contains important information about the nature of the representation that you require, the fees that will be paid and the time scale for which you need the service. Such details should not be ignored. You may be paying huge sums of money for criminal representation but you should also know exactly what you are paying for. To this end you need to ensure that the criminal lawyer in question explains these details to you when you initially meet.

Fourthly, it is important that the criminal lawyer that you select is a specialist in the criminal field. You need to ensure that they have a thorough understanding of all the laws that are in effect in Dubai and the UAE (Emirate of Abu Dhabi). They should therefore have a thorough knowledge of criminal procedures and procedure. They should therefore have access to a number of experts in the legal field to draw upon when required. There are many well-experienced criminal lawyers in Dubai that can provide you with effective legal counsel if you approach them in the right manner.

Fifthly, ensure that you choose criminal lawyers in Dubai that have experience in dealing with cases that are similar to the one that you are facing. They should therefore have the expertise and/or the exposure needed to fight your case effectively on various legal fronts. This will ensure that they win your case. There is no point in hiring an expert criminal lawyer in Dubai if he cannot handle the same case in the court that you are going to use in order to get the guilty verdict. For instance, if you are involved in murder then it is obvious that the criminal lawyers in Dubai that you get access to will try to get you acquitted or minimize the severity of the charges that are being levied against you.

Sixthly, it is important that you check out criminal lawyers in Dubai that have an established track record and are reputable as far as clients and their references are concerned. It is imperative that you check out their credentials so that you feel comfortable that you are working with individuals who will give you excellent service. In addition, you may want to check out their reputation through the legal authorities and regulatory bodies that are associated with the legal sector of the country. You should also ensure that you find out about the success rate of the lawyers that you are getting access to.