Rule The Leaderboard With Top 5 Game Hacking Software

The list of game hacking software is endless. Which one would you choose? Which one is best suited for your game? Quite a confusion, right?

So, I have crafted the list of top five Game Hacking Software that works with pretty much every game on PC. Most importantly, these won’t cost you a dime! Have a look and decide.

Choose Your Desirable Game Hacking Software


Cheat Engine

This game hacking software has taken the world by storm. Cheat Engine has undoubtedly made scintillating promises. For instance:

Game Hacking Software

It lets you choose a process running on the computer and scan it for certain codes or values. This prompts you to cheat in any game that is running on your PC. And the best part is you can create scripts on your own just like a professional. These scripts are known as Cheat Tablets. So if you want to cheat once in a while, hurry up and download it for free.

The only downside of this software is that Debugger of Cheat Engine cannot attach to their process. This renders many functions unusable. Large games like MMO uses dynamic memory to store vital parameters thereby preventing from creating a hacking utility.




Although we know that this software is not directly used to edit values, AutoHotkey has fascinating features. It permits the players to create scripts and macros to gain advantages from all kinds of online games. You can use healing items when you reach <50% health and automatically disconnect from a game to avoid death. So, yes AutoHotkey is pretty much everything a game hacker would need.

But where’s the catch?                                                                                           

Beginners might not be able to use this software with ease. I think it is too advanced for the newcomers in this field.




artmoney download

Right when cheat codes and trainers flooded the market for game hackers, ArtMoney came into play. In fact, this is the first ever game hacking software, even before Cheat Engine.

You can use this game hacking software for all game genre. ArtMoney makes even the toughest game easier to win. How? It assists you to find the memory address where a desired quantity is located. So, you can easily change that quantity.

It offers additional information to help you with scanning values and tablet functionality. I feel the only drawback ArtMoney has is it stacks all its resources into one memory block.


HxD Hex Editor

Game Hacking Software


HxD Hex Editor is the first universal game editor allowing the gamers all over the world to enjoy unlimited money in their games without the use of a trainer or memory editing. This also lets you change values or get unlimited health.  



SB Game Hacker

SB Game Hacker download

This is another popular game hacking software and allows the users to hack into the system of any game to increase points and scores. Additionally, you can use this software for unlimited resources of gold coins, money and much more. SB Game Hacker also removes annoying ads and license restrictions. Only at times, you may face SB Game Hacker not opening issue. That’s probably the only reason for anyone to not install this software.



So, have you decided which software to choose to beat everyone in your favorite game?  If I missed any of your favorite game hacking software, let me know in the comment section below.