Cherry MX Brown vs Red: Mechanical Key Switches

Today in this article we will discuss some gaming stuff. So if you are a gamer and want to know some cool accessory then you have come to the right place. Mechanical Keyboards have always been on the top demand when you are about to get into a war on a battlefield.

Cherry MX is a company that believes in making the best mechanical gaming keyboards to give every user the perfect and smooth gaming experience. Whether you need a perfectly smooth keystroke every time you move forward, the Cherry MX mechanical keyboard is the best option for you from every angle of gaming.

But Cherry MX didn’t stop there, they have manufactured several variants of the mechanical keyboard so that you get to choose your most comfortable gaming platform. These variants are namely, Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Red, Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Green, Cherry MX White, Cherry MX Grey and many more.

Today we will be discussing the two infamous products by Cherry MX that is Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX Brown and will see what they have to offer its user and how these two differ from each other.

But if you are not a gamer and have no idea about what Cherry MX is and what products they make, then read the next section to get a brief knowledge of Cherry MX.

What is Cherry MX?

Developed in the early 1980s. Cherry MX is a company that holds a global reputation for manufacturing different types of keyboard switches. The keyboard switches manufactured by Cherry MX are generally referenced by their color stems codes.

Some product variants manufactured by Cherry MX are as follows:


  • Cherry MX Red
  • Cherry MX Silent Red
  • Cherry MX Nature White
  • Cherry MX Black
  • Cherry MX Silent Black
  • Cherry MX Linear Grey

Tactile (non-clicky)

  • Cherry MX Brown 
  • Cherry MX Clear 
  • Cherry MX Tactile Grey

Tactile (Clicky)

  • Cherry MX Blue
  • Cherry MX White 
  • Cherry MX Green 

As said before, the different types of switches by Cherry MX are distinguished by their stem color. The Linear switches are generally much darker than the Tactile switches. Well, the company does not manufacture any more Clicky version.

Cherry MX Red vs Brown 

Soon after the introduction of mechanical switches most of the gamers and frequent keyboard users transfer form membrane keyboards to mechanical keyboards. Now if we start discussing the differences between membrane keyboards and mechanical keyboards then it will lead to another topic. 

For now, let us focus on the differences between the Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX Brown. The first concept you need to understand is that there is a difference between every colored stem of Cherry MX mechanical switches.

Each color stemmed switches differ from each other in characteristics and specifications that allow you to choose the perfect switch for your purpose. So let us focus on the Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX Brown and see the major difference between these two mechanical switches.

Cherry MX Red vs Brown: Differences

Before we get too specific about the specifications of the Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX Brown, first let’s get an overview of the major differences between the Cherry MX Red and Brown.

Cherry MX Red 

Released in the year 2008, the Cherry MX Red mechanical switches are widely known for its lightweight nature and silent key print. Cherry MX Red is a type of switch which falls on the linear category of Cherry MX collection.

  • The Red switch comes with a 2mm actuation point.
  • The smooth and silent nature of the switches is because of the minimal spring, which is attached to every key in the Cherry MX Red keyboard.
  • This spring on every key allows the Cherry MX Red switches to be quickly responsive and smooth enough to meet the satisfactory expectations of the user.
  • The major benefit of using a Cherry MX Red switch is that it requires very less force while pressing the keys and thus resulting in a much less tiring experience for the user(generally people spend most of their time in front of a computer).

Cherry MX Brown 

First introduced in the year 1994, Cherry MX Brown is the older brother of Cherry MX Brown. The Brown switches come under the Tactile section of the Cherry MX collection and is further comes under the non-clicky subdivision.

  • Now here is a basic point about Cherry MX Brown. If you are gamer then the Cherry MX Brown is the ideal switches for you. The reason is that the company has designed that way to give every gamer a perfect gaming experience. 
  • Cherry MX Brown switches have a tactile bump at an actuation point of 2mm. This bump allows every user to type quickly on the keyboard without pressing the key all the way down to get the output.
  • Another major difference between the Cheery MX Red and Brown is that Cherry MX Brown provides tactical feedback. But this feature is not included in the Cherry MX Red Switches.

Cherry MX Red vs Brown: Sound

Each and every switch of the Cherry MX collection has its own typing sound and typing comfortability. That means that each and every type of switch has its own salient features.

So in order to understand these features let us discuss the differences between Cherry MX Red and Brown according to their categories. 

Cherry MX Brown- Tactile, Non-Clicky

  • Noise: Minimal 
  • Bump: Yes

As mentioned earlier, Cherry Brown switches are tactile switches that are bumpy in nature. This bumpy feeling occurs due to the resistance happening at the actuation point.

Now talking about the sound, the Cherry MX Brown switches are almost silent in nature. And the user doesn’t need to completely press the key all the way downwards.

Cherry MX Red- Linear

  • Noise: Minimal
  • Bump: No

Unlike the Brown switches, Cherry MX Red switches are not bumpy in nature as there is a very low amount of resistance at the actuation point. The most attractive feature of a Cherry MX Red switch is the completely silent nature.

It is a true fact that among the total collection of Cherry MX switches, the Cherry MX Red is the quietest. But in case of these switches, you have to press the key all the way downwards to get the proper response. 

Cherry MX Red vs Brown: Usage

The usage of a mechanical keyboard varies from user to user. That means that the user is completely dependent on the factor of how the user is using the keyboard and for which purpose the user is using it.

But on a generalized point of view, let us discuss how the Cherry MX Red and Brown differ from each other on the point of usability.

Cherry MX Red

As mentioned before, Cherry MX Red switches are widely used for gaming purposes.


Well, Cherry MX Red is the fastest and quietest switch among the family of Cherry MX switches. So if you want more speed on your keyboard then always go for the Cherry MX Red.

Apart from being freakishly fast, the Cherry MX Red is also very lightweight in nature that allows the user or gamer to play for more time without making their hand tired. The lightweight nature of the keyboard allows a faster actuation.

But not only for gaming purposes the Cherry MX Red keyboard can be a great option for other types of users. The point is that once you get used to the superfast speed and light nature you will think twice before changing to some other keyboards.

Cherry MX Brown

Cherry MX Brown is widely known for its multi-purpose use. This keyboard is for gamers also. But if you are choosing Cherry MX Brown over the Red then you are definitely looking for more accuracy than speed.

The bumpy nature of the Cherry MX Brown switches tells the user every key they press. Mainly Cherry MX included this bumpy feature for programmers and writers because these professionals cannot afford any kind of mistake in whatever they type in.

Final Words

From gaming to code typing, from typewriting to normal typing, mechanical keyboards are being used everywhere. Cherry MX is a company that is producing some world-class mechanical keyboards to satisfy its customer’s needs.

The above article discusses some differential points between the Cherry MX Red and Brown. We have seen that these two switches are very much different from each other on various points.

But despite the fact that for which purpose you are using the Cherry MX Red or Cherry MX Brown, both of them are enough capable to serve your purpose.