Call of Duty Mobile Review : A Complete Breakdown

The Mobile gaming industry has been growing rapidly ever since PUBG was introduced for smartphones. Now, PUBG has found a new contender – Call of Duty Mobile. COD Mobile is an action packed RPG game with various different modes of gameplays. It is developed by Activision and is available for both Android and iOS platforms. Here, we have provided an extensive COD Mobile review after playing the game and trying all the game modes. 

COD Mobile Review : First Impression 

Incidentally, COD Mobile was made available in the App Store after a thorough testing of their Beta versions. First, you have to download the game and install it on your smartphone. Thereafter, you have to create an account and sync it with your Facebook profile. Currently, there are no other account syncing options. 

Graphics and Controls 

To begin with, COD Mobile offers a realistic and high definition graphics than most mobile games available in the market. However, the controls are somewhat confusing and it can cover your whole screen. Although, you can get the most out of it once you play multiple games. 

Game Modes 

Call of Duty has two main Game modes which are Battle Royale and Multiplayer 5v5. Go through the following section to know more about them in detail. 

Call of Duty Battle Royale 

Compared to PUBG, Call of Duty battle royale offers more aggressive and action-packed gameplay. A single match can easily get over in around 15-20 minutes. However, it has only one map named ‘Isolated’. Before the game starts, you have the option to choose one of the following classes – 

  • Clown – You get a toy bomb with which you can summon zombies. These zombies will then go on to attack nearby enemies. 
  • Defender – In this class, you will get the option to launch a shield that can protect you from bullets. 
  • Mechanic – With this, you can block enemies’ transmissions and maps. Moreover, you will get the ability to spot enemies, vehicles and traps like that of an X-ray vision. 
  • Medic – Choosing this will grant you the ability to set up a Medical station. This in turn will heal you and your teammates. It will also reduce the time it requires to revive a knocked down teammate. 
  • Ninja  – Here, you will get a special Grapple gun with which you can fire a hook to get across the street to the target building. Your movements will also become stealthier and quieter. 
  • Scout – With this class, you will get the ability to draw out enemies’ position and see their footprints on your map. 

Also, Call of Duty Battle Royale offers a more tactical gameplay. Thus, you can find military vehicles and a helicopter as well. You can play this game in both third person and first person perspective. 

COD Mobile Multiplayer 5v5 

COD Mobile is insanely popular due to its Multiplayer modes as opposed to battle royale. They are constantly adding new modes to engage the players. Currently, it has the following modes in Multiplayer. 

  • Team Deathmatch – You are matched with random teammates and you have to get the most kills to win. 
  • Frontline – Similar to Deathmatch but all the players are spawned in a single location. Again, the team with the most kills wins.  
  • Free for All – Here, you have to be the last man standing. There are no teams and all man is for himself. 
  • Domination – You have to capture and hold a certain location in the map to get points. As opposed to kills, the team with the most points wins. 
  • Hardpoint – Similar to Domination but the location changes from time to time. 
  • Search and Destroy – This is somewhat similar to Counter Strike. Here, one team plants a bomb while the other has to search and defuse it. 

The Multiplayer modes are only available in first person perspective. You have different loadouts to choose at the start of the game. These loadouts contain different Gun combinations which you can modify in the game settings. The higher you level up, the better guns you can unlock.  

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COD Mobile Zombie Mode 

Recently, COD has introduced a special Zombie mode where teams are pitted against zombies. They have to kill both their enemies and zombies to win the game. Here, you can find some special weapons that are only available in this mode. It is very aggressive and provides a great adrenaline rush. 

In-Game Purchases 

Ordinarily, COD Mobile is free to download and play. However, it does have in-game purchases for various items. The most bought item is the Battle Elite Pass. With this, you have to complete certain missions to get achievements and unlock items. Moreover, the rewards are better than you would get as a free player.

Also, there are crates which you can buy to have a chance at getting a rare item. The odds are clearly specified but it can easily resemble gambling. Apart from this, you can buy various weapon skins, cosmetic items and even level up faster. 

Common Problems 

After an extensive COD review, we have found some major drawbacks. The first con of the game is that you have to level up to unlock better weapons or skills. Hence, you may find yourself at an disadvantage if you’re just starting out. However, you can play the game continuously to level up faster. 

Like any other game, COD Mobile faces some bugs and glitches as well. The most infuriating glitch was the random Ping spikes while playing matches. Your game can randomly disconnect from the server even with a good internet connection. Lags, desyn and audio glitches are some other regular problems. 

How to get COD Mobile on PC

In case you’re wondering how to play COD Mobile on PC, then you surely can. The game is maintained by Tencent corporation who is the owner of PUBG Mobile as well. Therefore, you can download and play the game on your PC using Tencent’s official Emulator.

You can easily download the emulator from Tencent’s official website and then download the game. Incidentally, you do not have to create an account as it is available for free. Once downloaded, you have to download the games as well which are readily available. Next, login or create an in-game account and you’re good to go. You can also configure the controls and map the keys according to your preference. 

Final Words 

In conclusion, COD Mobile is a great game for smartphones and is constantly improving by adding more game modes. However, its Battle Royale can be further improved for a better experience. Other than that, COD Mobile’s Multiplayer modes are action-packed with a good dose of adrenaline. You can also play the game on your desktop or laptop with the help of its official emulator.