Battletoads for PC Version: Game Review and Analysis

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With a Metascore of 72 and User Score of 5.1, Battletoads has gained much popularity amongst all the gamers. The game is available in PC, Xbox, and other versions too. It is a blast from the past where this new game series is stuffed with solid action. You might find it quite similar to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 

The game consists of 1 to 3 players. You have to team up and battle against some unknown stages. The game is an animated cartoon style with excellent characters and geographical scenarios. If you play the game together, you will experience a lot of fun. 

The Previous Gameplay

Three toad heroes will fight with the space witch dark queen. Before that, you have to fight with the other abomination characters in order to reach the dark queen. Your mission is to save the galaxy. The story starts with the dark queen taunting the toads by kidnapping someone. After that, you as one of the toads will have to fight and save the victim. 

The Legends Returns

According to the story, the Battletoads were not seen for a long period. That is why the galaxy was on the verge of forgetting its heroes. The two characters named Uto and Pia surpassed the power of the dark queen. They have plunged the galaxy into several dangerous complications and ignorance. 

Now, the Battletoads have to team up with the evil queen. After a successful alliance, they have to defeat Uto and Pia and shatter their empire. The sound and overall featuring music are spectacular just like the classic Battletoads music. 

Battletoads: Fight to Win 

You are one of the Battletoads and the combat procedures are much decent. It also meets the modern gaming standards of fighting procedure. Each toad has a basic combination of fighting skills and standards. In the new version, the toads have an extra ability to fight. They can wrap up their enemies with their tongue to get extra combo power. 

On the defence, the toads can also resist the upcoming attacks. The procedure of defences is invincible, but sometimes it lacks a little bit of control. But, if you have much experience in playing fighting and war games, then you can easily avoid an attack by dodging downwards. 

Performance Details 

Battletoads can run smoothly on your computer. But, there are some minimum system requirements that you need. Your desktop computer must have Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 graphics card. The memory of 2 GigaBytes is enough. The minimum processor requirement is AMD Ryzen 5 3600. This system combination can let you play the game in 60 frames per second. 

The volatile memory must be of 8 GigaBytes and secondary storage of 160 GigaBytes is mandatory. It is compatible with Windows 10 Operating System. If you want to play the game in a much smoother way, then adjust the screen resolution on your computer. Moreover, you can also make additional changes in the graphics settings as well. 

The Battletoads are also available on Xbox and Steam. All you need is an Xbox account purchased from Microsoft. Only after that, you can play the game. On the Steam platform, the game offers the users Steam trading cards. It will be helpful for you in playing the game and fighting battles as well. 

Advantages and Disadvantages

It has simple action stations, up to 3 players can play at a time. The voice of the characters and the game is just superb. Animation, graphics, refresh rate is very smooth without any lags. Moreover, it also has a good checkpoint system. 

On the other hand, the game also has some of the drawbacks. It falls into the category of mini-games. Most of the people might not be interested in playing the mini-games. Sometimes, it also has some problems with multiplayer features. To some people, it looks very funny and lacks its gaming personality.